Waves Of Robberies Across Los Angeles

Recently, Los Angeles residents have expressed growing concern about the wave of robberies that are taking place in the L.A. area. There have been many reports of brazen robberies in many parts of Los Angeles, particularly on Friday nights. Many say the surge of thefts and robberies may be related to the number of criminals that are being released. Some law enforcement sources say the rise in the number of ‘smash and grab’ robberies maybe because of the lack of repercussions the criminals face when they’re caught. CBS Los Angeles and other news outlets have also reported on several robberies in the jewelry district.

A Rise In ‘Follow Home Robberies’

The LAPD has been warning residents that they should be aware of a new crime trend: ‘Follow Home Robberies’. Authorities have tried to alert members of the Los Angeles community that a large number of these ‘follow-home robberies’ have originated in the Melrose district, the jewelry district, near nightclubs, and high-end restaurants. The criminals follow people from these locations to their homes and rob them. The LA Police Department is telling people to pay attention to their surroundings and any suspicious-looking people that are hanging around or paying too much attention to them.

Employees And Customers Robbed At Gunpoint

In the last few months, police sources say a rash of robberies has taken place in the Melrose district. In many of the robberies, both employees and customers at high-end restaurants and other businesses have been robbed at gunpoint. Some diners were robbed while they ate at outdoor tables. In one instance, a customer was shot to death as they were exiting a shoe store. One couple was even robbed at gunpoint in the area near Old Town Calabasas. Police say the follow-home robbers typically target people who are carrying expensive purses or wearing expensive jewelry, necklaces, and watches.

Finding Targets Using Social Media

Authorities have warned that in some cases criminals find and track potential victims using social media. They then follow them from their business, shopping spree or night out on the town to their home and rob them. There have been such a growing number of these follow-home robberies in the Melrose district that the police have increased both their foot and bicycle patrols. They have also suggested that to control this crime trend people should use caution when in public displaying high-value items. Plus, they advise LA residents to call 911 or go to the nearest police station if they think they are being followed.

Cooperate, Comply, Then Contact The Police

Los Angeles police advise residents that if they find themselves the victim of a robbery they should do four things:

1. Cooperate
2. Comply
3. Don’t Attempt To Chase Down Their Attackers
4. Call The Police Immediately After The Robbery

That can prevent them from getting hurt. Criminals are often on edge when committing a crime. Victims who resist or fight increase their chances of getting hurt or killed. Give the robbers what they want, stay safe, and let the police work to capture them.

Robberies Up More Than 3.2% In Los Angeles

Chief Michael Moore of the Los Angeles police department said crime and robberies are up over 3.2% from last year. He announced that the department is putting a task force together to take a bite out of follow-home robberies. He said investigators had not seen this amount of violent attacks occurring in LA like this in decades. Armed robbers recently targeted two female guests at an outdoor holiday house party in Pacific Palisades and took their jewelry, phones, and watches. The homeowner gave surveillance footage of the two armed assailants entering the home to the LA police department.

Suspects Arrested In Glendale

Police in Glendale announced they arrested six suspects who were involved in five follow-home robberies. The Glendale Police Department says nine follow-home robberies have been reported in Glendale this year. The victims felt shaken and violated, but fortunately, no one was hurt. Several follow-home robberies have taken place in some of LA’s most upscale neighborhoods. It’s all part of the new wave of property crimes and home robberies.

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