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Eisenberg Law Group PC is a unique law firm that specializes in getting large settlements as well as verdicts. Unlike other law firms, we give you the individualized attention that you won’t get from other larger law firms.

What truly separates us from other law firms is that Gary has been battling insurance companies for over 36 years but most importantly, he use to work for the insurance companies.

Because of this, he has knowledge and experience that other attorneys just don’t have. He knows exactly what it takes for an insurance company to want to settle.

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Motor Vehicle Accident

Slip, Trip and Fall


Dog Bites

Sexual Harassment & Employment Discrimination

Wage and Hour Violations

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Because of our 31+ years of experience & connections, we win almost all cases that come across our desk.


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At Eisenberg Law Group We Have Your Back!

We won’t give you the run around like other law offices. We are a family ran firm that goes above and beyond for our clients. We don’t stop until we win! Since our success rate is so high when it comes to getting settlements for our clients, you don’t pay anything unless we win.

Our Basic Working Process

Our 3 Tiered Approach


We Research The Whole Case

We research everything about your cause going through everything with a fine-tooth comb and unlike most attorneys, we go as far as visiting the scene of the incident in order to gain as much info as possible.


We Build Beneficial Strategies

Getting as much information about your case allows us to come up with unconventional approaches & strategies that will significantly increase the chances of us getting you a larger settlement.


Execution & Favorable Outcomes

After building a solid impenetrable strategy, we execute! This usually leads to the other party or insurance companies settling fairly quickly as they won’t have much of an option.

Our Case Studies

Cases We've Won

Wrongful Death

Truck Accident

Auto Accident

Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

I went to Jason for my legal issues and he was more than willing to help. We were able to reach a more the acceptable offer and throughout the whole thing, if I needed Jason, he was there.

Not only Jason but the whole law firm was extremely prompt and very welcoming, I would recommend this law firm for any and all of your legal needs. Thank you Jason, you truly helped my family and I out. We appreciate you guys!!


Robert Lazarian


I met with Gary and Jason after a previous attorney dropped the ball on my case. I called several firms and no one would help me. Finally, I found Gary and Jason.

The case was a mess when I brought it to them and they had very little to work with. My (ex) insurance company was being completely unreasonable and were piling up against me, siding with a man who hit me with no insurance, even though I had uninsured motorist coverage.

Apparently, it was cheaper for them to turn against me. Gary and Jason were very kind and understanding of my situation, took my case on, and got me the best possible outcome. Both of them are incredible.

I worked mostly with Jason, and he was very responsive, which is rare with lawyers. He answered any and all questions and concerns pretty much immediately. He kept me updated every step of the way. I SO appreciate all of their help in getting this case wrapped up.

My insurance company was terrible and stingy, but I walked away with more than I thought possible. I’m very happy with this company. Though I hope I never get into another accident again, I know who to call if I do!!


Nikki Barnes


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Choosing the wrong attorney is the difference between you getting a settlement or you getting nothing which could happen if you hire an inexperienced attorney. Once you lose a case, that’s it, you only get one chance. Don’t take that risk, give us a call or send us a message and we’ll take care of you.

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