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    Why Work With Us

    Getting The Medical Attention You Need

    We provide access to the best doctors. Don’t wait for appointments. The doctors won’t charge you up front or out of pocket.

    We'll Treat You Like Family

    As a family-run law firm, we treat every single client like family and not just another case.

    We'll Get You The Most Money Possible

    We only win if you win, so we have every incentive to get you as much money as possible. We don't charge any upfront fee, our success rate speaks for itself.

    We Know Their Tricks

    We have a former defense attorney on our team who knows the insurance companies’ sneaky tricks. Gary was trained to spot and defeat the insurance company tactics to get you the best possible result on your case.

    1 On 1 Access To Your Attorney

    Having direct access to your attorney is important for your peace of mind. Most people who have had a bad experience with an attorney claim that their attorney was usually unavailable. With Eisenberg Law Group PC, that's a situation you won't have to worry about.

    24/7 Support

    Our support line is open 24/7 and we are always here to take your call.

    Get Your Money Faster

    Once your case has been settled we'll do everything in our power to get you paid as quickly as possible, if you don't get paid, we don't get paid.

    No Hidden Fees Means Larger Payouts For You

    One thing people tend to overlook is hidden fees some firms charge which can take a chunk of your settlement. At Eisenberg Law Group PC we have no hidden fees whatsoever!

    Making Sure Your Medical Expenses Are Covered

    We'll make sure that the responsible party covers all your medical bills. We'll also go as far as to negotiate unreasonable medical bills to make sure you retain as much of your settlement as possible.

    We Know How To Fight

    We know you deserve to be compensated and we have 30+ years’ experience battling insurance companies to get our clients full and fair compensation.

    Eisenberg Law Group PC

    About Us

    Eisenberg Law Group PC is a unique law firm that specializes in getting large settlements as well as verdicts. Unlike other law firms, we give you the individualized attention that you won’t get from other larger law firms.

    What truly separates us from other law firms is that Gary has been battling insurance companies for over 36 years but most importantly, he used to work for the insurance companies.

    Because of this, he has knowledge and experience that other attorneys just don’t have. He knows exactly what it takes for an insurance company to want to settle.

    Our 3 Tiered Approach

    1. We get you set up with medical providers right away to start building up the evidence of your injuries, your pain, and your suffering. We get you into a rental car and help you get your car repaired or replaced.
    2. We gather all of the evidence we need to prove the case: photos, medical records and bills, witness statements, surveillance videos, and we get to know you as a person and how the accident affected you and your family.
    3. We make the proper claims and guide you through the process.  We fight the insurance companies to make sure they pay you for your medical bills, lost earnings, pain, suffering, inconvenience, anxiety, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life, and any out-of-pocket expenses you had.


    We’re Here To Help

    We Have Your Back!

    We’re different.  We take the time to get to know you and to understand how the accident has affected your life.  We know that injuries don’t only cause physical pain, but they also cause mental suffering and can cause your family to suffer as well.  We make it our priority to learn your story and to fight to get you compensated for the damage that the accident has done to your life.  We win our cases because we work extremely hard on every case and we don’t stop fighting until we get you a full and fair settlement or jury verdict. We’re so confident in our ability to win your case that we only get paid once we win your case and we don’t get paid anything if we don’t win your case.

    Why It's Important To Contact An Attorney Right Away

    Insurance companies are the enemy.  They will do everything in their power to try to pay you as little as possible.  We add a ton of value to your case by giving you access to immediate medical care, gathering critical evidence early on, guiding you through the claims process, and protecting you from the insurance companies and their case-killing strategies.

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    At the end of the day, don’t put your case at risk by choosing the wrong law firm. The last thing you want to do is choose a firm that’s not going to fight for you or simply accept any settlement just to get the case over and done with.

    At Eisenberg Law Group PC we’ve been helping people like you get large settlements for over 32+ years now and we have built a solid reputation for being able to do so.

    We are committed to helping you get the largest settlements possible. We never accept a settlement until you’re happy with the amount first. We take a very aggressive approach when it comes to fighting for you. With our insightful and solution-oriented legal advice and decades of experience, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll get you the best settlement possible.

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