Eisenberg Law Group is proud of the track record that we have established since the firm began. We have a proven record of winning results on behalf of our clients. With the commitment and dedication of our attorneys and staff, we look forward to continuing our success and to helping our clients in the future.

These are examples out of a small sample set of our cases. Please keep in mind that every case is fact specific and different, and that these verdicts and settlements do not represent what we may be able to obtain for you in your specific case.


$1,500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement

Our young client went over to a friend’s house to hang out. The friend’s parents were not home, however, the older step-brother was. The step-brother gave our client drugs and our client began to overdose. Rather than call an ambulance, the step-brother put our client in a cold shower and left him there for several hours. Ultimately, our young client died in this tragic event. We immediately made a claim against the homeowner’s insurance policy, however, it was denied. The homeowner’s insurance company argued that the step-brother’s actions were intentional and therefore not covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. We carefully read the homeowner’s insurance policy and realized that the step-brother’s failure to render aid to our client (i.e. call an ambulance) was negligent, and therefore covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Ultimately, after several policy limits demands, the insurance company paid the full policy limits of $1,500,000 to our deserving clients, the parents of the young boy.


$950,000- Truck Accident

Our client was driving on the freeway when she was suddenly sideswiped by a truck and pushed into the center divider. The crash resulted in our client having neck surgery. Initially, the defense denied the claim, arguing that our client changed lanes into the truck’s lane and therefore caused the collision. We believed our client’s version of events so we filed a lawsuit and began litigating the case. After conducting written discovery and depositions, we were able to get the defense to admit that our client did not change lanes and that the truck driver swerved into her car and side-swiped her. After these admissions were made, the defense paid our client $950,000.


$896,000 Tow Truck Accident

Our client was an MTA bus driver that was t-boned by a tow truck that ran a red light. Our client ultimately had shoulder surgery. Our client’s medical bills were approximately $54,000. Initially, both parties attended mediation and the insurance company only offered $50,000 so we got up and walked out. We continued to litigate the case for another two months, making countless policy limit demands, hammering the defense with discovery requests, and setting several depositions. We ultimately gave the insurance company 21 days to pay their policy limits. Sure enough, at 7:30 a.m. on the 21st day, the insurance company advised us that they would pay the full amount. Our deserving client will now be much more comfortable as he retires from the MTA.


$750,000 Truck Accident

Early in the morning, our client parked outside of his work and was retrieving his lunch from the back of his truck. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a lunch truck swerved into him, pinning him between the two trucks. Our client ultimately had neck surgery. Our client had another attorney before us and the claim was denied by the lunch truck’s insurance company. The defense was arguing that our client opened his door into the lunch truck and therefore caused this collision. They were offering $0. The other law firm then dropped the case and we took over the handling of it. We filed a lawsuit and conducted extensive discovery. We took the deposition of the lunch truck driver and got her to admit that she wasn’t paying attention and swerved into our client. We also worked with a top orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles in order to determine our client’s need for future medical care. After several policy limits demands, the lunch truck’s insurance company paid the policy limits of $750,000 to our client.


$550,000 Auto Accident

Our client was rear-ended. Our client’s car had very minimal property damage. In fact, the damage was hardly visible to the naked eye. The defense was denying that our client could be injured based on the minor damage. What the defense didn’t know was that our client had pre-existing injuries to her low back, which made her more susceptible to injury. We used California law to our advantage- law that is designed to protect people with preexisting conditions- and argued that our client’s pre-existing condition was exacerbated (made worse) by the crash, and that they were responsible for all of the damage to our client, despite her pre-existing injuries. Ultimately, the defense realized our interpretation of the law was correct, and they paid our client $550,000.


$450,0 00 Slip and Fall

Our client was working at a cooking school when he slipped and fell on grease that dripped onto the staircase. Our client injured his foot and ankle and ultimately had ankle surgery. The defense argued that they were not responsible because they didn’t know how the grease got there and they didn’t have any notice that the grease was on the stairs. We discovered that the cooking school did not have sound policies and procedures to ensure that the property was safe. Ultimately, the defense paid our client $450,000.


$300,000 Dog Bite

Our client was walking her small dog when a large dog suddenly ran from across the street and began viciously attacking her dog. In an effort to save her small dog, our client tried to pull the large dog off of her dog. As she was trying to save her small dog, the large dog bit her leg, puncturing her skin. After our client signed up with our law firm, we immediately referred her to the best neurologist to treat her injuries. Initially, the defense only offered $20,000 and argued that our client was partially at fault for intervening in the dog fight. We strongly believed that our client was entirely fault-free and we fought hard, repeatedly demanding the policy limits. The defense slowly increased their offer to $30,000, then to $50,000. They refused to pay any more. After writing several more strategically-crafted policy limits demand letters, the defense finally caved and paid the $300,000 policy limits.


$580,000 Car Accident

Our client was traveling on Pacific Coast Highway when another vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly made a left turn into his van. Our client’s van sustained significant damage. Our client sustained injuries to his shoulder and back. The defense immediately tried to argue that our client’s injuries pre-existed the accident and were not caused by the accident. Through extensive discovery, retaining the best experts, and using our effective litigation strategies, we were able to prove that our client’s injuries were caused by the subject accident. We ultimately recovered the maximum amount available under the insurance policy, $580,000.


$540,000 Motorcycle Accident

Our client was traveling on a motorcycle when he was hit by a delivery driver. We were able to prove that the delivery driver failed to yield when she left the stop sign and caused the accident. Despite our client’s pre-existing neck pain and a prior workers’ compensation claim for a neck injury, we were able to secure a large settlement on his behalf.


$370,000 Truck Accident

Our client was traveling down the street when a truck made a wide turn and struck the passenger side of her vehicle. Our client sustained a neck injury and had two neck injections. The defense argued that our client wasn’t seriously injured, that it wasn’t a major crash, and that her medical bills were inflated. They initially offered $75,000. Ultimately, after filing a lawsuit and showing we were not going to back down, we were able to get them to fully and fairly compensate our client.


$425,000 Trip and Fall

Our client went to a store to buy flowers for a family member. As he was walking to his car, he tripped and fell over a parking stop that was painted the same color as the surrounding parking stall lines. During discovery, we acquired the design plans for the building and we were able to prove that the construction company placed the parking stop in an area they knew people would walk, and also, that they improperly painted it the same color as the lines next to it, creating visual confusion. Although the defense originally argued they had zero responsibility, we got them to pay good money to our client who injured his leg in this trip and fall.


$500,000 Car Accident

Our client was traveling down the street when another driver made a left turn right in front of him. At first, the opposing insurance company tried to blame our client and said he was traveling in a right-turn-only lane and wouldn’t even pay to repair his car. We went out to the scene, took photographs and measurements, and were able to prove that our client was not at fault and that the other driver was 100% at fault. We obtained the policy limits of $500,000 for our client shortly thereafter.

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