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Slipping and falling, it can happen anywhere. Even the most coordinated individuals are susceptible to slip or fall injuries. It merely takes one act of safety neglect on behalf of a person or institution to lead to a painful slip or fall that spurs tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages and diminished earning capacity. Slip and falls are a leading cause of bodily harm in Los Angeles CA and much of the country. Victims often don’t know they are entitled to settlements.

If another person or institution’s neglect even slightly contributed to your slip and fall accident, you stand a chance of obtaining financial compensation for causally related bills, pain and suffering and additional losses. Know your rights. To proceed, you’ll need advice from a fall lawyer from our firm. If you need a slip fall attorney you can feel confident that you have the best attorney in los angeles ca from our firm.

Slip and Fall Accidents Have the Potential to Change Your Life

A slip or fall might not seem like a big deal when it occurs yet there is a good chance it will spur harm and medical expenses in the hours, days, weeks and months to come. Your adrenaline will spike immediately after you fall, partially masking the hurt and creating the impression everything is ok. The hurt will set in once your adrenaline fades. Often times in these cases, health insurance won’t cover the extent of your injuries.

Your slip fall injury may cause life-changing harm and medical bills for you and your family. Your slip and fall accident may cause a fracture, break, sprain, or other significant injury that makes it difficult or impossible to work. The worst case scenario is a slip fall caused by a dangerous condition that leads to an injury resulting in death. We may be able to recover compensation for you with a premises liability lawsuit. Be sure to get the names of any witnesses along with his or her phone number or email address. Take some pictures of things or some video of the environment and even lighting with your cell phone to further document the incident and the dangerous conditions in which it occurred. As an example, something as simple as a broken step can cause spills and slips. The owner should have done some more to make repairs to these things to keep individuals safe.

Though few know it, more than 9 million individuals visit a hospital emergency room thanks to a fall accident every single year.  The National Floor Safety Institute reports fall accidents are the leading cause of lost time at work.  If you have suffered a trip and fall injury or if a loved one has lost their life thanks to a trip and fall, you owe it to yourself to pursue damages in the form of financial compensation.  Such compensation is provided through a settlement or court-awarded judgment amount against the entities responsible.  Our attorneys are here to handle this legal challenge so you can find a way to help your family through everything.

Let the Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Spearhead Your Quest for Justice

Even if the property owner, store owner, caretaker, or other entity you believe is responsible for your los angeles slip and fall is clearly guilty of negligence, proving that negligence will be difficult. Sadly, the facts of your slip fall case are not all that matters. There is a good chance the negligent group will hire a savvy defense attorney in an attempt to clear them and minimize legal liability. This is precisely why you need an experienced attorney on your side. Our experienced fall lawyers in Southern California, San Diego, and Los Angeles specialize in injury cases rather than attempting to master every category or field of law.

Customers often don’t know a hazard exists, nor do they plan on tripping or falling because of that hazard. Trust a slip and fall lawyer from our firm and your slip and fall lawsuit will be carefully handled by the best local slip and fall lawyers in Southern California and Los Angeles. We understand the stakes for each client are high. The proper preparation combined with fierce advocacy really does have the potential to help make the difference between going bankrupt due to seemingly endless medical expenses and obtaining the verdicts necessary to cover all related expenses.

An experienced los angeles slip and fall lawyer from our firm will have all the advice and invest the time necessary to carefully review the facts of your specific slip and fall lawsuit, deal with the California insurance companies, and zealously advocate your case to ensure this unfortunate accident does not destroy your family and finances. Our mission is to ensure you and your family come out on top at the end of the legal challenge from your slip and fall accident obtaining the an amount from the property owner or manager necessary to cover:

  • All related medical costs
  • Lost time at a job
  • Diminished working ability
  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Additional losses causally related to the slip and fall accident

A Brief Look at Negligence in the Context of Slip Fall Cases

Negligence is a fancy word that merely means the failure to provide due care. If another person, institution or other entity’s lack of care contributed to a loved one having a slip and fall injury, that party has a liability in the form of recovery of an amount to cover expenses . The challenge lies in proving the liability of the other entity caused your injuries and winning the compensation necessary to make you whole again on those grounds. Our slip fall Los Angeles attorneys are up to the task for every client. Knowing the one responsible for paying damages because of falls is also important. A store manager or other person are not responsible for damages from falls, it is the owner of the property or establishment that is held accountable in most cases due to premises liability.

Our attorneys will help push for more safety protocols to be implemented and adhered to across posterity to ensure no one else is a victim of further trip and fall accidents. Potential negligent defendants in a slip and fall accident include but are not limited to:

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Store owner or other business owners
  • Governmental institutions

There are Numerous Different Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

No two trip and fall accidents in orange county California are exactly the same. Therefore, the legal strategy and options best suited to your specific trip and fall accident might not be optimal for another slip and fall case. While many other slip and fall attorneys will attempt to obtain a favorable outcome or settlement with the same overarching legal strategy, our Los Angeles legal team of attorneys invests the time necessary to tailor legal strategies to the idiosyncratic facts, information, and evidence of each unique trip and fall accident case experience.

After all, each experience is unique. A child slipping on a wet floor covered in water is not the same as an adult tripping on an uneven walkway. Nor is a customer tripping amidst a cluttered aisle the same as a customer slipping on a recently-mopped yet still wet floor in a grocery store. There are a number of causes of slip injuries. The legal strategy we create for your los angeles slip and fall accident will ultimately hinge on whether you slipped or tripped and the type of walking surface that caused the injuries. This means the approach to obtaining compensation for an individual who trips down a flight of stairs will not be the same as that for an individual who falls on an unsafe ramp, wet floor or other dangerous surface. Furthermore, public places and properties which, are known to possibly have dangers, such as grocery stores, construction sites, office buildings, parking lots, department stores, and other public places or properties have a responsibility to do everything in their power to help keep you safe from slip and fall accidents.

Even if there are warning signs in the area of slippery floors, you may be entitled to damages and it is still possible to win a lawsuit from a los angeles slip and fall accident. Furthermore, even something as subtle as poor lighting resulting in a dangerous condition which causes a trip and fall sets the stage for successful lawsuits for any trip and fall accidents that happen because of those conditions. Our California state attorneys will identify all potential hazards and if there was a dangerous condition in the area of the accident to build your case. Furthermore, we will seek out surveillance cameras that might provide footage of circumstances such as slick floors, dirty floors or aisles or any other dangerous content and thus more proof of the property owner/manager’s neglect.

The goal is to prove the defendant’s lack of care was the primary or at least partial cause of the trip, or fall and resulting hurt. If proven, chances are, all or part of your causally related expenses and fees will be covered by the settlement or judgement handed down.

Important Factors in Slip Fall Cases

Opposing counsel will undoubtedly argue you, the plaintiff and victim or victims, failed to traverse the building, premises, or area in question in the proper manner or that the area was completely safe. However, the vast majority of property owners and caretakers do not do everything necessary to fulfill their duty of care to those in the vicinity of their property. The following qualify as one or more unreasonably dangerous conditions that can result in a person having a slip/trip and fall:

  • The failure to clear wet floor spots, water, water puddles, snow or ice
  • Polished, greased, or wet floor
  • Uneven sidewalks or other walking pathways broken due to age and neglect
  • Loose carpeting/flooring
  • Electrical cords or other cords left out in the open
  • Clutter
  • A bunched-up rug
  • Shifted Gravel
  • A protruding drawer or other obstruction

Places that can become unsafe due to neglect include:

  • Staircases
  • Sidewalk
  • Lawns
  • Escalators
  • Curbs
  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Ladders
  • Doorways
  • Walking surfaces in which elevation changes
  • Shopping malls
  • Numerous other surfaces

If you have injuries thanks to any one or more of the above types of objects or pathways or ones not listed above and need medical attention, even if there are warning signs, there is a good chance your injury is due to neglect. Do not suffer in silence. Even if you believe they are only partially at fault for the harm, it is in your interest to reach out to our slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. Furthermore, if you do not feel immediate pain after your trip, or fall accident, do not assume you are perfectly fine, that is usually not the case. There is a good chance more medical problems from falls can arise in the days, weeks or even months ahead.

You need not pay for one more bill for medical expenses, thousands of dollars in lost wages, diminished working capacity, loss of a job, and property damages thanks to a careless property owner. Our Los Angeles legal team is on your side to ensure the negligent entity pays for all expenses and fees related to your injuries including an outcome appropriate for your unique level of pain and everything you have gone through

Examples of Injuries That can Result From a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall injuries are wide-ranging. Countless people in the state of California, from Los Angeles and beyond have sprained their ankle or broken bones as a result of a slip and fall. However, much more serious injuries have the potential to arise from slips and trips and falls. Some, for example, suffer the unfortunate fate of head injuries that can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI for short) that causes lifelong problems. Additional slip and fall injuries include but are not limited to:

Economic Damages including:

  • Damage to Property
  • Lost income or dimished earnings
  • Past and future bills and payments
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Expenses for wheelchair, cane, brace or other medical device

Non-Economic Damages include the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Hip fracture
  • Back injury
  • Neck injuries
  • Head Trauma
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Broken Wrists
  • Shoulder sprain
  • Laceration
  • Physical disfigurement
  • A fatality resulting from traumatic brain injuries or other trauma

The physical injuries caused by a slip, trip, or fall accident are only one part of the plaintiff’s damages. There is also the potential for mental and financial harm to result from the accident. It is quite possible your slip and fall accident will cause considerable injury and suffering that spurs depression and considerable damage to your psychological state from loss of ability or loss of a job.

The negligent property owners should pay for these costs. In these cases clients may be entitled to a reward. Our Los Angeles based lawyers are here for clients to obtain compensation for all such damages resulting from the negligent property owner or others

Let Our Experienced Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney put the Wheels of Justice Into Motion

Let an attorney from our firm handle your case by filing a formal complaint. The defendant is typically provided with 30 days to respond to the victim and their claims. Most defendants deny responsibility for the accident. Some defense attorneys proceed to file motions, pushing for the court to dismiss the case or take action in some other manner. The judge then responds to these motions. In most slip and fall cases, the judge will not dismiss the case at the request of the defendant’s attorney or legal team. Rather, the judge is likely to establish a date for trial.

The judge may order mediation between plaintiff and defendant before resorting to a trial. There is a chance the opposing attorney will engage in settlement negotiations with the plaintiffs legal team, possibly reaching a mutually acceptable settlement. However, as the plaintiff, we will not accept a settlement unless it provides you with the amount of compensation you need and deserve to truly be made whole once again. Such a settlement offer is worth considering as there is no guarantee a plaintiff will receive more from an award or even win your case should it proceed through the legal system.

If a settlement is not reached, the next step is known as discovery. Our legal representation team and the defendant’s legal representative will pose formal questions pertaining to the case with requests for production and other requests through the discovery process. Evidence is gathered, witnesses are interviewed and formal statements are collected by our personal injury attorney to establish details of the case.

This organization of documentation, information, and testimony preparation through discovery sets the stage for legal battle. The judge may make a decision on the facts presented or permit a motion for summary judgment (MSJ) without relying on a jury to make a decision about your injuries.

Do Not be Intimidated by the Legal Process

The complicated legal proceedings in a fall lawsuit require a considerable commitment of time and effort. However, you do not have to spend your time, effort, or money in the pursuit of legal victory. Once you file a claim, our attorneys in Los Angeles, CA are here to handle the legal challenges. We have helped countless clients recover damages after an accident to compensate for negligent acts. Let us review the facts of your case, collect evidence and develop the optimal legal strategy. Our assistance with your case will help you focus on your health, injuries, and returning to work in Orange County, other parts of southern California like San Bernardino, San Diego, or elsewhere in the United States.

It is important that you visit with your primary care provider or a medical professional at a hospital as soon as possible after the slip, trip, or fall accident to seek medical attention for any condition you may suffer and for proper documentation and validation purposes. The doctor’s write-up on the accident report really will significantly bolster your quest as it legitimizes your injury. Our Los Angeles slip and fall legal team will use this medical report as one piece of evidence when dealing with insurance companies and others to obtain a settlement or judgement. This is the elite legal representation you need and deserve for your accidents.

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers work with clients on a contingency basis. This means our financial fate is intertwined with our clients. If we win clients’ cases, we receive a percentage of the settlement or award resulting from this unfortunate fall accident. Other law firms have multiple practice areas and will seek to get the quickest reward possible from accidents. We will fight for your case to get you what you deserve from your fall lawsuit.

Slip and Fall Compensation

If a settlement is not reached, the judge or jury will determine if you are provided with financial compensation for your case based on your injuries and condition. As noted above, the primary question is whether the defendant is guilty of neglect and whether that is in any way the cause of your Los Angeles slip/trip and fall injury.

Our Los Angeles legal team is here to speak with insurance companies and fight for our clients in the courtroom. Our goal is to prove the defendant is at fault and had a legal obligation to provide you with due care to protect from potential hazards. We will present evidence that proves the defendant failed to fulfill this legal obligation. Last is proving the relationship between the defendant’s failing and your injury. If such elements are proven, a victory takes shape as verdicts for all:

  • Related medical costs in the past, present and future
  • Lost Earnings
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Psychological suffering
  • Emotional suffering

Have You Suffered a Slip and Fall or Other Injury? Our Slip and Fall Attorney in Los Angeles is Here to Help

The Law Office of Gary C. Eisenberg is on your side and here to help after your Los Angeles slip and fall accident. If you suspect an outside person or institution is even partially at fault for your injury, reach out to us right away. We specialize in accident cases and will represent you with the insurance company, the insurance adjuster, as well as settlement negotiations with opposing counsel and others. Victims only have a limited time to file a claim and obtain settlements.

Contact our law firm today for a free consultation about possible representation, where we will explain premises liability law more in-depth. Stay off social media, refrain from discussing this matter with people outside of our injury lawyers and try to square your focus on rebuilding your health. Call us at 818-591-8058 for a phone consultation where we will discuss potential settlements, court awards and more. If you prefer to contact our slip and fall lawyers online, fill out our convenient case review request form with your name, email and other details and we will be in touch for a free case review. If you, a loved one, a child, or someone else you know has suffered serious injuries as a result of a third party’s negligence, give us a call today for a free consultation regarding your circumstances and the reason for your case.

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