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There are more than one million traffic and road fatalities every year.

Over one million people die annually as a result of injuries sustained from vehicle accidents. In addition, between 20 and 50 million victims sustain life-altering physical/brain injuries, and even more lives are impacted by mental trauma in the aftermath of car accident fatalities and injuries.

The world is quickly changing and the ubiquity of smartphones used while operating cars and other vehicles on CA highways, roadways, freeways, and roads (especially in Los Angeles) by careless people has placed the driver, passenger, and pedestrian in more danger of being involved in a crash, through no fault of their own, than ever before. Sure, we’ve all experienced fender benders or minor auto accidents and we’ve seen the mass of cars on the I 405! The roadways in our city are dangerous and fatalities by motor vehicle are becoming all too common.

However, major accidents, including hit and run accidents, resulting from this carelessness are the cause of death, serious injury, and temporary or permanent job or income losses due to devastating injuries from car crashes ranging in severity from headaches, pain, bone fractures, and whiplash to brain damage, paralysis, disabilities, disfigurement, and fatalities. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident/hit and run/rear end incident or had your life negatively affected in a car, truck, van, or motorcycle crash that is even partially the fault of another driver or party, no matter the severity, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical treatment and pain or the suffering of a loved one.

As the preeminent Los Angeles car accident attorneys serving clients throughout LA County, we consider it our mission and the duty of our law firm to make sure you, the client, are informed and prepared to take on the party at fault and their insurance company in the unfortunate circumstance of injuries, fatalities, or lost wages caused by auto accidents. We want to make certain you receive the money you deserve. We have won hundreds of cases and millions of dollars for victims. You need the skill and professionalism of one of our Los Angeles car accident lawyers as your legal representation.

The Timing of Legal Action after Motor Vehicle Accidents in California

California (CA) code requires that a car accident injury claims be filed within 2 years of the accident. If a government body, or someone acting on behalf of a government entity, is responsible for the accident, the window to report the crash, hire a car accident lawyer, and file any car accident claims is shortened to 6 months. Timeliness is paramount when seeking a settlement, especially when involving government agency negligence or in the case of a death. Contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer immediately.

The Top Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents In/Around Los Angeles

Most car accidents, pedestrian accidents, hit and run car accidents, injuries, disabilities, and fatalities in the state of California and Los Angeles County are accidents caused by negligence due to a variety of factors:

  • Attempting to turn left (or right) when it is unsafe to do so
  • A driver who is distracted by music, phone, children, pets, etc.
  • Following too closely or tailgating another vehicle
  • Running a red light or accelerating through a yellow light
  • Passing through a stop sign without stopping
  • Driving in excess of the speed limit
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Traveling the wrong way down a one-way street
  • Approaching a “bottleneck” in traffic too fast
  • Paying more attention to other accidents instead of the road ahead
  • Driver fatigue

Damages Available for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

California state regulations empower clients who are injured in an accident or hit and run, or family members of injury victims left behind by fatalities, to file car accident claims and pursue cases, verdicts, and settlements to help recover both “Economic” and “Non-Economic” damages due to those accidents, injuries, or fatalities. This applies to both the driver and the passengers in the car/truck/van involved in the accident. Los Angeles car accident clients may be entitled to settlements that recoup damages and losses including, but not limited to:

Economic damage examples:

  • Cane, wheelchair or other types of medical equipment fees
  • Property damage (damages to vehicle or belongings, replacement of cars)
  • Medication/Hospital expenses – current & future
  • Medical care/Doctor’s care/bills/medical treatment expenses – current & future
  • Loss of income, garnishing of wages, or diminished earning capacity
  • Funeral expenses in the event of death

Non-economic damage examples:

  • Emotional distress
  • Anxiety/Fear of driving after the accident
  • Grief due to fatalities
  • Physical pain and suffering (neck or back pain, etc.)
  • Depression after death of a loved one
  • Inconvenience
  • Humiliation
  • Mental pain and suffering

The auto accident attorneys at Eisenberg Law Group have a reputation and proven track record as accident experts in the California legal field. Legal proceedings have so many moving parts, especially when it concerns car accidents (and motorcycle accidents); it can be overwhelming! We understand our clients’ fears and will help to guide you through the process. Our lawyers will manage your claim, speak to witnesses, consult your doctor, and ensure you are compensated for all the costs of your medical care, as well as the physical, mental, and financial hardship caused by the car crash; especially one with fatalities.

Too often, Los Angeles car accident victims with physical or mental injuries caused by crashes accept some, if not all, of the fault and allow insurance companies to take advantage of them by minimizing the extent of the damages caused by the crash and offering an inadequate settlement amount, even if there are fatalities! The best approach is to retain the kind of auto accident lawyer that specializes in assisting people in car accidents to take on the insurance company. Our lawyers have the knowledge, resources, and professionalism to help people reach the outcome they deserve, get back to their lives, and finally have peace of mind after a traumatic car wreck or death. Call the car accident attorneys at Eisenberg law firm to connect with your personal injury attorney now!

Can My Spouse File a Claim if I have been Injured in a Car Accident?

California legislation permits the spouse of a victim injured in car accident cases that are not their fault to file a claim for “Loss of Consortium.”  A Loss of Consortium claim empowers the spouse to recover compensation for fatalities or injury which may result in some or all of the following: loss of love, assistance, or care; loss of a source of comfort, affection, or protection; and even the loss related to sexual issues as a result of the injuries (or fatalities) sustained in car crashes.

What To Do After An Accident?

It is important to follow a series of steps after your auto accident to preserve important evidence and help maximize your potential compensation amount.

  1. Check to see that everyone in the car (or cars) is okay. If you suspect a party requires medical attention (for example, difficulty breathing, sore neck/back, bleeding) or you fear there may be fatalities, dial 911 right away.
  2. Even if there are no injuries, call the police.
  3. Move your vehicle to the side of the road, if possible.
  4. When you phone the police, ask them for a Traffic Crash Form.
  5. Contact your personal insurance agent or their office to start a claim.
  6. Gather information from the drivers and about the vehicles involved. Information to record includes name, vehicle makes/models, license plate numbers, driver license numbers, insurance provider, insurance company agent name, and policy numbers. For validation purposes, you can either write this information down or take photos. Any type of contact information or manner of documentation will help.
  7. Do not claim fault, no matter the circumstances. Avoid accusatory comments.
  8. Collect the names and phone numbers of people at the crash site that may have witnessed the accident/collisions. This could be other drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists in the area. Include any comments for validation purposes.
  9. Make a note of the weather elements and road condition at the time of the accident/collisions. Even a seemingly unimportant fact could help your claim in court, especially if there are fatalities.
  10. Take photos of the accident scene including the locations of the vehicles, the intersection that is the closest, and traffic lights. Draw a picture, if necessary, and mark which direction is North. Make the description as detailed as possible for validation purposes. Include property damage notes.
  11. Take pictures of your personal injuries as well as damage to your vehicle, other vehicles, and nearby structures. You never know when a small detail will be a big help in negotiating a settlement.
  12. Be sure to obtain copies of the police reports.
  13. Contact our firm for an initial consultation with a professional who understands your needs and knows how to help with car accidents caused by someone else.

Why Hire Us As Your Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney?

Our team of attorneys has a history of success in various practice areas including all types of personal injury, product liability, and accident law in southern California, including within the city and county of Los Angeles, for over 30 years. In total, our office has handled thousands of auto accident claims and returned just as many favorable verdicts and settlements with millions of dollars in payouts. Our law firm head, Gary Eisenberg, started out as a car accident case lawyer in Los Angeles, CA working for car insurance companies fighting claims involving accidents.

This field experience has given Gary an inside look at how the insurance/automobile accident claim industry really works against plaintiffs. Sadly, some car insurance businesses will try to discourage a lawsuit in order to avoid paying car accident victims anything at all, even in the aftermath of fatalities!

The number one goal of most (though not all) car insurance companies in the state of California is to use consumers, cut costs, avoid legal actions and losing verdicts, get accident insurance cases thrown out, ignore crash victims and their loved ones, and minimize any losses. They don’t care about your accident, your needs, your medical bills/medical costs, your injury, or your recovery! It’s best not to take chances by approaching them without a professional on your side. They have some of the best lawyers working for them – so should you!

Gary decided to lead his car accident attorney team by example and utilize his resources to fight auto insurers that would exploit victims of motor vehicle accidents and collisions caused by another party in southern California.

Our firm employs car accident specialists based in Los Angeles and Calabasas County, California with the experience, knowledge of the insurance industry, and skills necessary to reach car accident settlements that maximize the return on each accident case; striving for truly fair compensation for any wrongdoing in the occurance of a collision.

Select Eisenberg as your personal motor vehicle accident lawyer and send auto insurers a message that you will not remain a victim. Our firm of Los Angeles car accident attorneys will work with your doctors to evaluate your injuries, assess treatment avenues, and estimate your recovery timeline. Then, our firm will relentlessly fight for a decision in your favor, whether you’re the driver or not. We will devise and implement a strategy that not only proves negligence but also results in a fair compensation amount for the anguish experienced by you, your loved ones, and other affected individuals as a result of the car crash.

Our Three Keys to Confidence

Risk-free Legal Representation: We know car accidents are stressful. Finding the right attorney in Los Angeles shouldn’t be. Our legal consultations are all completely risk- and cost-free and we are pleased to provide an initial consultation on a contingency basis. Prospective clients do not pay a penny in attorney’s fees unless the services of our law firm can help you be victorious in your case. Other Los Angeles car accident attorneys and law firms charge for this service!

Proven Success: Our southern California practice has a history of recovering hundreds of thousands in compensation for people with cases like yours who have sustained a physical and/or emotional injury in a car accidents. We understand the process and will use every tool within the scope of California law to maximize the amount of client compensation after a collision. The number of Los Angeles, CA car accident lawsuits won and the total of all monies claimed from crashes is an indication of our firm’s effectiveness when dealing with litigation involving automobile accidents. The actions of our car accident lawyers speak volumes. (We operate on a contingency fee basis. Ask for more details.)

Individualized Service:  Our car accident attorneys care and offer personalized treatment. We take the time to speak directly with clients rather than delegating vital issues to other staff. We are available by phone, electronic mail, text, or in-person to discuss your rights and your individual needs and offer advice like a trusted friend. Our company is family-owned and every agent is here to help & support you through your lawsuit and your recovery, answer any questions, and focus on using their expertise to earn you the verdict and compensation you deserve.

We wish there were no car accidents in Los Angeles or anywhere, but in the unfortunate event you are involved in one, you should have the best auto accident lawyer on your case if you have to fight the insurance company. No one in the field will work harder to help you than Gary L. Eisenberg. Call now to secure legal counsel.

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If you are in an Inland Empire region or Los Angeles car accident (whether as the driver or passenger) and have reason to suspect another person or entity is even partially responsible for the collision, it is important that you contact an attorney with our office quickly. Our family of attorneys are all esteemed members of the Los Angeles community and will do everything they can to shorten your recovery time. Our accident attorneys are here to listen to your needs, act as your advocates, make recommendations for your case, and support your cause. The best part is, clients, don’t pay a thing unless we help win their auto accident cases. We offer a no-cost, no-obligation, free consultation. This is a cause we believe in and something we are very proud of at Eisenberg. Fighting for your ideal outcome means everything to us. Let Eisenberg help you today.

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