Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Of The Top Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is My Case Worth?

There is not only one factor that determines what your case is worth. For example, that amount of property damage, or what caused your slip, trip, or fall to happen. Other factors could be the injuries you sustained, how much medical treatment you received as well as pain and suffering. Any attorney that tries to tell you what your case is worth before you completed your medical treatment should be a red flag and you should run for the hills!

If Someone Else If I have prior injuries do I still have a case? Hits My Car, Do I Have To Pay A Deductible?

For you to not pay a deductible, the other side would have to take responsibility for the accident. If the other side does take responsibility, you can often go through your insurance which would lead them to waive the deductible. However, if the other party does not agree to responsibility, you can go through your own insurance company, pay the deductible, and then be reimbursed once we get the other side to accept liability.

If I Have Prior Injuries, Do I Still Have A Case?

Yes, luckily under California law you are protected even if you have pre-existing conditions. In reality, you are more susceptible to a serious injury if you have pre-existing injuries. According to California law, if someone has pre-existing injuries that are made worse by the accident itself, you are then entitled to compensation for the effect of that condition.

Does My Attorney Decide How Much I Settle For?

Contrary to popular belief, No. You ultimately decide if you would like to settle or not. We can give you suggestions based on past settlements as well as jury verdicts and inform you if what is being presented is a fair deal or not. We will never settle your case without your consent.

Do I Have To Go To Court If I Get An Attorney?

The good news is that the majority of cases (95%) do not require you to go to trial. The vast majority of cases are settled before ever going to trial. With that being said, sometimes the insurance companies can be completely unreasonable which in this instance we would have to file a lawsuit which would inevitably increase the pressure which would lead you to get the best results. What that being said, even after filing a lawsuit there is still very little likely hood that you would have to go to court.

If I Get Hit By Someone Who Does Not Have Insurance What Should I Do?

In California, the number of uninsured drivers has been on the rise. Hopefully, you have uninsured motorist insurance because if you do, you can simply make a claim with your own insurance company. Your insurance will act as the other driver insurance and no need to worry, this will not raise your insurance.

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